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What the critics said about The Alo Release

'An engaging, helter-skelter tale that raises some thought-provoking concerns about how media coverage of 'big issues' can be massaged by businesses, governments, and interest groups.'

Craig Sisterton

Convenor of Judges,

Ngaio Marsh Awards

'The Alo Release is a thriller with a message at it's heart, and well worth a read regardless of where you are in the world.'

Karen Chisholm

Australian Crime Fiction

'Brilliant read - hard to put the book down.

Fantastic insight into New Zealand culture and vivid descriptions of places along the way... felt like I was in some of those areas.'

Jason H

'This has to be one of, if not the most entertaining books set in New Zealand I've read... ever. I'll be interested to find out what American readers make of the copious Kiwi slang.'

Mike McManaway

'An action thriller that keeps on giving... The rivers, mountains, beaches, and scenery in general, are described with such beautiful prose that I could almost imagine myself there.

I recommend this book to those of us who enjoy a fast-paced thriller set in a country with exotic beauty.'

Pamellia Smith

Michigan, United States

'Once the story starts to unfold this is a book I did not want to put down. The story takes the reader on a thrilling journey through the beauty of Aotearoa layered with quirky characters, high tech intrigue and a powerful insight into Maori knowledge and history. Can't wait for the next book by this author.'

Neil O'Reilly

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