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Nine days.
Three fugitives.
One momentous outcome.


Drugs and political intrigue collide in a high-stakes pursuit of power, justice and redemption

   When a young tourist dies in a surfing accident in Bali while high on cocaine, his billionaire father hires the Aristotle investigative team of Bec Corelli, Jay Duggan and Mike Bullard to track down the drug kingpin ultimately responsible.

   Ped Garland, a maverick with a troubled past who is campaigning to become the Republican presidential candidate, captivates voters with his candid and unorthodox approach to politics, and bold plan to end the nation’s drug nightmare.

   With Garland's bid gaining momentum, the journalists’ investigation leads them from the exotic resorts and nightclubs of Bali to the lawless backstreets of Colombia, tranquil neighborhoods of New Zealand and rarefied halls of Washington's elite as they battle powerful adversaries determined to protect their secrets.

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