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Finding Fabi (Fiction, English)

Published 2023 by Geoffrey Robert

Ebook: Epub file (807KB); ISBN: 978-0-473-67921-7

Paperback: 356 pages; 23x15cm (9x6in); ISBN 978-0-473-67920-0


About the book:

   When New York journalist Bec Corelli learns her father has died mysteriously on vacation in India, she walks out on her job and heads to Delhi.

   Pharmaceutical CEO Ernst Reiniger, facing ruin over a failed drug, has hatched a chilling plan to save his 300-year-old company.

   With a lethal virus decimating the Mexican resort city of Cabo San Lucas and threatening a global pandemic more deadly than Covid, Reiniger has the inside running on producing a vaccine.

   As Bec chases leads across India, supported by blogger Mike Bullard and New Zealand eco-warrior Jay Duggan, she is confronted by powerful forces determined to stop her discovering the truth about her father.

Finding Fabi

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