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GR Dili Harbour
Geoffrey Robert is a New Zealand-born author, journalist and former communications advisor. He is also a father who cares about the state of the planet his children will inherit.

He has travelled widely, particularly in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, witnessing first hand the swelling disparities in wealth and influence at the root of many of the world’s problems. From the dazzle of Times Square to the clogged alleyways of India, the orderly streets of London to the chaotic bus stations of Kenya, the bountiful swagger of Sydney to the dirt floor poverty of Timor Leste.

His love of the outdoors and passion for keeping things natural have taken him to ancient mountain trails in the Sinai, elephant watering holes in southern Africa and to the primeval rainforests of his homeland.

Geoffrey’s news and feature writing has been published in New Zealand, the United States, Canada and Australia, and he has provided communications advice to a range of clients, from chief executives of NGOs to top-level politicians.

Geoffrey Robert is married with two daughters, and is currently living in Christchurch.

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